Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Signature Square Swap

I bet you live in a GREAT SPOT!

The Signature swap theme for Townsville SCQ Retreat is SPOTS of any colour.

This Siggy swap is a perfect way to meet new SCQs or catch up with old friends and at the end you will have a lovely memento of our 2012 retreat. 

It is a small piece of 'you' and 'where you come from' to share with your SCQ friends....and traditionally the swapping starts minutes after the opening of the retreat on Friday afternoon and is generally completed by Saturday afternoon. 

Closer to the retreat the final numbers required will be advised but generally it would be safe to make 50-60 SCQuares to start with...and it is handy to have a few extra as well.
Signature Squares are made up of two items:
  • one six and a half inch (6 ½) square of fabric of a SPOTTY good quality cotton fabric
  • one six and a half inch (6 ½) square of cream homespun or quilter’s muslin which you have decorated with your ‘signature’  
The SIGNATURE SCQuare is your own personality...elaborate or simple...again a piece of You & where you live....and must as a minimum have your NAME and the TOWN and STATE you live in written in waterproof pen or ink on homespun or quilter's muslin. 

But...SCQuilters usually add more decoration by finding a motif that expresses where you live or originally come from (see here to see examples of individual blocks and finished Quilt ideas from previous retreats). 

Some are savvy enough to design this on their computer and print it onto the fabric SCQuares.  Others hand draw, paint, embroider by hand or machine, appliqué , stencil, stamp or gocco machine print a little picture and / or a few words....along with name, town & state.  

Once you have cut all your theme fabric squares and decorated all your siggy squares, you secure them in pairs with a few loose stitches across one corner.  

You will be issued with a list of Siggy Square Swappers at the SCQ registration on ARRIVAL at the retreat and it’s up to you to track down each person in the swap and exchange Siggy Squares. It is lots of fun and a great way to meet other SCQuilters you have previously only ‘seen’ in messages. 

It’s better to start early on your Siggy Squares. Get at least a 50 or 60 done as soon as possible,  DON”T leave them to the last minute unlike Maggie Gilbert and I who prefer to do them either on the plane or seconds before the retreat starts!!!  

The Siggy Swap is NOT a competition just a FUN start to a fabulous weekend.

If you have any questions email me
Jan Powell : Sig Swap Hostess
Turramurra, Sydney

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  1. Found some fabbo spot fabric at Margaret's Bayside Stitch Cleveland and have begun to bead my squares. 1 down ? to go