Thursday, 10 May 2012

Picture Update

1. Which two committee members are these and what are they scheming?

2.  The committee are "Jamming" to relax after a recent meeting - who was present?

3.  and this is a reminder not to forget to pack your Pinny.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Ready for some Saturday Night Shenanigans?

     SCQuilters Retreat Townsville 2012 presents…

“Some Like It Hot -

 Black & White Bling”

It has become a tradition at  Retreat to dress up for a bit of a party on Saturday Night.  We all love a good theme and this year we will kick up our heels a la Marilyn Monroe, in the movie “Some Like it Hot!”  Think hot, curvy, blonde, sexy, black & white, polka dots.  Or maybe Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon is more your thing?

 Most of us have something Black & White lurking in the wardrobe….just add a touch (or more) of “Bling”.  Think tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, rings, boas, sparkly and bright.  You don’t have to schlep down to the safe-deposit box at the bank to unlock the real stuff – fake and gaudy is great. 

 Let some SCQuilters loose in the dress-up box and with the promise of fun and perhaps a prize or two, there is sure to be plenty of Hi Jinx.

 Great sources of “Bling” are Op Shops, Toy Stores, Party Supply Shops etc.  SCQuilters have been spotted at Toy Shops on Retreat weekends haggling over that gorgeous 5 piece Princess Party set!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Who Is This SCQuilter?

An eagle-eyed committee member spotted this picture of one of our SCQuilter members, dreaming of her trip to Retreat, thinking about packing already perhaps? 

Post your guess to the SCQuilters Yahoo Group....there may be a prize for the first correct guess.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Retreat Workshops

We have 11 workshops to tempt you at our 2012 Retreat.

Workshops will be held on both Saturday 9am-4pm and Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm

Workshop Requirements, pictures and tutor bios are posted in the file section of our retreat group:  SCQTownsville

Saturday AM

1.  Lissa Everest - Fabric Paint 1 Hand Work

Fee:  $40 includes kit                    Experience Level: No experience needed

You will learn 3 colouring techniques: Salt Mountains, Controlled Salt and Microwave.  Fold and create 3 x 100% cotton fat quarters of very individual coloured fabrics to take home for Machine Embroidery, Patchwork or Bags, etc.  Everything you will need will be supplied. Just bring a notebook, pen and a sense of humour

2.  Fiona Jackson - Streliztia Wall Hanging - Hand Work am; Machine work pm.
                                                                         *All Day workshop*
Fee: $80 includes kit                     Experience: Intermediate

This workshop is for those who already have some basic free motion Machine Quilting experience and want to extend their skills.  Use raw-edge fusible applique and a pre-printed fabric photo to make this beautiful wall hanging, then embellish with free motion quilting and thread sketching.  Finished Size: 53cm approx

Fiona's website

3.  Arlene White - Crazy Quilting Postcard -  Hand Work

Fee:  $40 includes kit                     Experience Level: all levels catered for

Adding lace, threads, beads, silk ribbon and many other lovely little embellishments to create stunning crazy quilting blocks.  General information about crazy quilting will be included in lesson material.  Kit includes silk ribbon, beads, threads, lace and pre-made block (Option available for you to make your own 8 x 5 block)


More of Arlene's work here

4.  Kirsten Duncan - Applique Techniques - Machine Work  workshop full!

Fee: $40 includes kit                       Experience Level:  all levels

Perfecting Machine-stitched Applique.
A myriad of tips and tricks to help you refine your machine-stitched applique. Using fusible webbing as a stabiliser, we will explore the range of visual effects that can be achieved using a variety of machine stitches and different threads. You will develop a repertoire of techniques that can then be applied to your quilting projects.

Kirsten's profile here and her Blog

Saturday PM

5.  Ruth Bloomfield - Confetti Butterfly - Machine Work

Fee: $40 includes kit. Experience Level: All levels catered for
This is a small project and makes a Postcard of the Ulysses Butterfly, but that is the beauty of the confetti technique. You are able to make something amazing from virtually "nothing". Try this technique and find a whole new genre for your patchwork passion.

You can watch a Preview of Ruth's confetti work here

6.  Ruth Bloomfield - Confetti Hydrangeas - Machine Work

Fee: $40 includes kit                        Experience Level:  All levels catered for

This is a delightful workshop which although a small project, does contain quite a lot of confetti work. This allows the workshop participants to really get the "feel" for confetti work. Also included is a small amount of free machine applique. The project can later be used as a "stand-alone" project or the medallion in a much larger project.

7.  Jane Grove - Trapunto Project - Hand Work and machine if chosen

Fee: $40 includes kit                         Experience Level: all levels catered for

Jane's studio, Gecko Gear, North Queensland, offers sewing experiences to cater for individual needs. In this workshop she demonstrates both hand and machine stitching. This traditional quilting technique, originally stitched by hand, is used to create a puffed effect on a quilt. Experience Trapunto, either by machine or hand stitching and create a tone-on-tone cushion cover top. Machining will comprise straight stitching or free machine quilting. Hand stitching will comprise backstitch and running stitches.

More of Jane's work on her website

8. Fiona Jackson - Travel Kit - Machine Work

Fee: $40 includes kit Experience Level: all levels

Choose from 4 designs to make a Luggage Tag and machine Passport Cover and learn simple free-motion embroidery - perfect to keep for your next trip or as a lovely gift for someone special.

Sunday AM

9.  Lissa Everest - Fabric Paint 2

Fee: $40 includes kit                          Experience Level: no experience needed

In this session we cover 3 more ways to colour fabrics: Tennis ball painting, Microwave/Air Crinkle and Fabric In a Press Seal Bag.  Again you will take home 3 x 100% cotton
Fat Quarters.  Everything you will need will be supplied.  Once again remember to bring your notebook, pen and of course your sense of humour.

10.  Arlene White - Stumpwork Notebook Cover

Fee: $40 includes kit                            Experience Level: Beg to Intermediate embroiderer

Australian gumnuts and blossoms in Stumpwork - create stunning little works of art to enhance the front of a small notebook.  Using only a few basic stitches, you will create beautiful Stumpwork gumnuts and blossoms. General information about Stumpwork will be included in lesson materials.  Kit includes everything to make this wonderful cover.

11.  Kirsten Duncan - Working with Circles - Machine work
Fee:  $40 includes kit                            Experience level:  all levels

Overcoming Circle Fear
Circles look fabulous on quilts but are you avoiding them because they never come out...well.....round?  There are so many ways to make wonderful circles on your quilts and this is the class to learn them all.  We cover both hand-sewn, machine-sewn and even no-sew options for those days when it just all seems too hard.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Signature Square Swap

I bet you live in a GREAT SPOT!

The Signature swap theme for Townsville SCQ Retreat is SPOTS of any colour.

This Siggy swap is a perfect way to meet new SCQs or catch up with old friends and at the end you will have a lovely memento of our 2012 retreat. 

It is a small piece of 'you' and 'where you come from' to share with your SCQ friends....and traditionally the swapping starts minutes after the opening of the retreat on Friday afternoon and is generally completed by Saturday afternoon. 

Closer to the retreat the final numbers required will be advised but generally it would be safe to make 50-60 SCQuares to start with...and it is handy to have a few extra as well.
Signature Squares are made up of two items:
  • one six and a half inch (6 ½) square of fabric of a SPOTTY good quality cotton fabric
  • one six and a half inch (6 ½) square of cream homespun or quilter’s muslin which you have decorated with your ‘signature’  
The SIGNATURE SCQuare is your own personality...elaborate or simple...again a piece of You & where you live....and must as a minimum have your NAME and the TOWN and STATE you live in written in waterproof pen or ink on homespun or quilter's muslin. 

But...SCQuilters usually add more decoration by finding a motif that expresses where you live or originally come from (see here to see examples of individual blocks and finished Quilt ideas from previous retreats). 

Some are savvy enough to design this on their computer and print it onto the fabric SCQuares.  Others hand draw, paint, embroider by hand or machine, appliqué , stencil, stamp or gocco machine print a little picture and / or a few words....along with name, town & state.  

Once you have cut all your theme fabric squares and decorated all your siggy squares, you secure them in pairs with a few loose stitches across one corner.  

You will be issued with a list of Siggy Square Swappers at the SCQ registration on ARRIVAL at the retreat and it’s up to you to track down each person in the swap and exchange Siggy Squares. It is lots of fun and a great way to meet other SCQuilters you have previously only ‘seen’ in messages. 

It’s better to start early on your Siggy Squares. Get at least a 50 or 60 done as soon as possible,  DON”T leave them to the last minute unlike Maggie Gilbert and I who prefer to do them either on the plane or seconds before the retreat starts!!!  

The Siggy Swap is NOT a competition just a FUN start to a fabulous weekend.

If you have any questions email me
Jan Powell : Sig Swap Hostess
Turramurra, Sydney

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Getting to Townsville

How to Get To the SCQuilters Retreat  Townsville 2012

Townsville boasts more than 16,000 direct airline seats each week. Direct flights arrive daily from destinations such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. Major carriers, Qantas, Jet Star and Virgin Blue operate daily flights to and from Townsville. Regional airlines also service the region daily including Qantas link, MacAir Airlines and Sky Trans. 

The Sunlander and Tilt Train travel to Townsville from Brisbane and Cairns four times a week offering travellers an affordable and scenic travel alternative to the region.

Townsville is within driving distance from Brisbane, (1372km), the Whitsundays (450km) and Cairns (340km).  
  • Townsville Airport from airport car park, turn left onto 'John Melton Black Drive', left onto 'Bundock St', left onto 'Howitt St', and right onto 'The Strand', travel along 'The Strand', and then left onto 'Sir Leslie Thiess Drive'
  • Motorway - North Approach (heading south to Townsville) from 'Bruce Highway' continue straight towards Townsville and do not take the turn right at 'Duckworth Street' to follow the highway. The road you are now travelling along becomes 'Woolcock Street' and then becomes 'Sturt Street'. Follow until you come to a 'T' intersection, and turn right into 'Denham Street' and then left into 'Flinders Street'. Once in 'Flinders Street' simply follow the signs marked 'Casino'.
  •  Motorway - South Approach (heading north to Townsville) from 'Bruce Highway' turn right onto 'Abott St', follow along 'Railway Avenue' onto the overpass on 'Saunders St', over the 'Dean St' bridge, right onto 'Flinders St East', left onto 'Wickham St', right onto 'The Strand', and left onto 'Sir Leslie Thiess Drive'

*Please note: you can get to Townsville from cities and towns other than Sydney!