Monday, 16 April 2012

Ready for some Saturday Night Shenanigans?

     SCQuilters Retreat Townsville 2012 presents…

“Some Like It Hot -

 Black & White Bling”

It has become a tradition at  Retreat to dress up for a bit of a party on Saturday Night.  We all love a good theme and this year we will kick up our heels a la Marilyn Monroe, in the movie “Some Like it Hot!”  Think hot, curvy, blonde, sexy, black & white, polka dots.  Or maybe Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon is more your thing?

 Most of us have something Black & White lurking in the wardrobe….just add a touch (or more) of “Bling”.  Think tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, rings, boas, sparkly and bright.  You don’t have to schlep down to the safe-deposit box at the bank to unlock the real stuff – fake and gaudy is great. 

 Let some SCQuilters loose in the dress-up box and with the promise of fun and perhaps a prize or two, there is sure to be plenty of Hi Jinx.

 Great sources of “Bling” are Op Shops, Toy Stores, Party Supply Shops etc.  SCQuilters have been spotted at Toy Shops on Retreat weekends haggling over that gorgeous 5 piece Princess Party set!